miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Message to The Project Venus

[Part of Message sent to The Project Venus]

People of The Venus Project:

I have known about you throughout the documentary: Zeitgeist 2.

All your assumptions are correct, but only wrong in a point. You assume that the energy is limited. If the Universe were perfect and we created to be the Guardians of Life on Earth, tell me because the Universe would limit us in the case of energy?

Some say: The Earth is Alive! The Whole Universe is Alive!

This involves a very deep truth. A characteristic of living beings is the reproduction. In Biology: 1 + 1 = 3 (1 father + 1 mother = 1 child) This child after developed a body is and will be totally different and independent from parents.

The Universal Law of Life says that the Purpose of Life is the Creation of more Life ... In energy terms, to create more Life, we would need more energy, then, because the Universe will limit the energy?
The answer is simple, to create energy, technology or work is needed to extract it, and I'm not saying convert or transform. The Law of Thermodynamics is a fallacy and the Universal Law of Life contradicts.