domingo, 27 de mayo de 2007


If there's a God or any kind of justice under the sky
If there's a point, if there's a reason to live or die
Ha, if there's an answer to the questions
we feel bound to ask...[*]

The survival necessity allowed us to reach the last level in the Evolution; the Creative Intelligence is a gift of the Nature...

Repeating the saying, in the previous page...

The intention of the Law of the Life is to Create more Life, this Universal Truth estimates the existence of the Life like something natural [for the eclectic ones; divine]

Nevertheless to continue with the Creation it only can be work of intelligent beings, beings who are able to assimilate the magnitude of this miracle and to preserve the life of all the living beings.

The Homulier(1) cannot live without you environment, we are the product of that wonderful union [divine and extraordinary] to that we called Nature, even so we are able to adapt it to our necessities, as long as this does not mean its destruction.

Our intelligence was the strategy more ingenious than it found the Nature to preserve the Miracle of the Life. If we acted against the Law of the Life we will be acting against the same Life and will be condemning us to our own extinction, nevertheless, when acting to favor, we will be deserving to call Intelligent Beings to us...

If a Universal Truth exists, this one is compatible with the science, the philosophies, the foundations of the religions [not with their dogmas, some religions are the antithesis of sciences], with the human ethics and moral, even with the Love, the more essential and instinctive human feeling, whose reason and purpose ratify to the Law of the Life.

The Earth is a planet in a constant metamorphosis, is not eternal. Great cataclysms during the Earth Life will continue happening.

And even though many try to find pleas in a supposed punishment or in the justified fury of a God, the direct answer is consequence of the Lex Vitae; the reason of our reason is not more than the one to follow with the intention of the Universe, the intention to continue with the Creation, the survival demands intelligence, which implies to anticipate us to the natural facts, accidental and/or caused by we ourself.

The Universe is in constant change, the Earth is in constant change, the Universe hopes us to be conquered, we must continue, that our civilization survives to us depends on us, we must continue with the purpose of the Universal Law of the Life...

(1)Homulier: Term to designate to the Man, to the union of the man more the woman. Before the necessity to always talk about to the Man like that union, and having the marginal and incomplete aspect of that term, I have created this new expression uniting the Latin roots of the terms: Homine = Man, and Muliere = Woman.
[*] Lyrics of “Innuendo” of Queen

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