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Second Statement of the Lex Vitae

«All that oppose to the natural EVOLUTION of the things, produces an antithesis of greater force,
something that usually called REVOLUTION»

The Sexual Revolution untied with frenetic rhythm at the beginning of Century XIX, for many is enough singular that a country as the USA with the most absurd laws on the subjects related to the sexual practices are the pioneer in pornography production. Many see it like decay symbol.

Nevertheless, this must particularly to the second statement of the Law of the Life...

Something as important, as natural as our Sexuality, was repressed by so many centuries by the religions that scorned it and catalogued to sex like something impure, something that had to be fought. It is no wonder this being a natural force created an opposite answer to the repression, a revolution, as result the pornography is the loudest shout; the greatest Revolution of the Sexuality.

It is certain that being extreme, the pornography turns out inadequate to educate or to inform to the peculiar young people who must load in their bloods with the Call of the Nature; the sexual impulses activated by hormones responsible for the reproduction... Something natural as our Sexuality cannot nor never could be something prohibitive, something sinful, only the minds of men incapable to understand something so beautiful, so natural; to become something opposite to which really it is...


The Homosexuality is until today considered by many like an aberration, a deviation, something unnatural, nevertheless from the point of view of the Law of the Life is something perfectly natural. It seemed in the beginning to me that the Homosexuality was something that went against the Law of the Life, something unnatural, nevertheless, seemed to me that something in that data processing was lacking, perhaps had forgotten some important factor in the equation, for me surprise, yes, had forgotten by a in the beginning fundamental side of the Law of the Life; To create more Life, to create the conditions so that the Life is developed and prospered; and on the other hand, it did not have counted with the evidence of which the homosexuality does not eliminate the paternal or maternal instinct...

Always the Nature is wise in your work, must be the responsible of that behavior in the human genes. Why? If we examined the form in which the humanity has reproduced we can see the problems clearly. The human reproduction without control, without cares, without planning, as if we imitated the behavior of a virus. It is where the Homosexuality here could become a control mechanism before the very instinctively heterosexual reproduction. What had been of our planet if all we were heterosexual?

Also there is documented evidence of homosexual relations in the kingdom animal, as much heterosexual sex or homosexual one occurs in the animals of a form totally disinhibited, totally bisexual species even exist, and all it occurs of a totally natural form. In the BBC(1) there is a quite interesting news on the matter.

The Homosexuality does not eliminate desire to procreate or the paternal or maternal instinct in each case, although the procreation is not possible biologically, in all the cases requires the participation of opposed sex, at least in which it talks about to the fertilization (in the case of the lesbian pairs; in the case of the pairs of men; the fertilization and gestation), but socially can have an enriching in the human communities and societies, but first, according to my opinion some certain criteria must be fulfilled.

About the rights of these to raise children, it is my opinion of which can enjoy this responsibility, in fact I create sincerely that homosexual fathers or mothers can be the best parents of the world.

But, there is a question that seems to me confused, what there is of the right of the boy or girl to grow in a heterosexual ambience? Which would be the psychological results of a bred boy in a homosexual ambience? How it would affect this in his personal, social and sexual conduct?

Those questions seem mainly that they have avoided them in damage of the children, knowing that many human societies are homophobic, where the homosexual intolerance is rooted socially and deeply to the religions. However, all it could be avoided with the participation of opposite sex.

The Nature is wise and says: "they are needed a man and a woman to conceive a child", that simply had to extend to the raising of the children.

The laws would have to contemplate and to demand a heterosexual ambience for the children bred by homosexuals. It would be a luck of trio or quartet, united to raise children. Nothing else just, nothing else healthful. There are many evidences on the matter, many children are not bred by his ancestors, this agrees with the main axiom of Lex Vitae; To create more Life, after all we are the responsible by all the human race, we not only must be responsible for the well-being of our own children. That knows them; the philanthropies, the altruists, those that do more by many.

Doubtlessly, this is an evolution towards one more a righter society, more egalitarian, an evolution towards a species of kapaxian society(2), where a child is bred by several individuals or pairs of individuals. In other words a society of three or four people would form, in the cases of the homosexual men, a woman, in preference the progenitor had to participate in the raising of the child, in the cases of the lesbians, the father, of preference the ancestor would have to add himself to this small society.

In the case of being four those that integrated this familiar society, this could allow that even of lesbians and pairs of men they were united to fulfill the requirements demanded of a mixed ambience. While all participate, I do not see any objection for it, as long as the characters participated actively and dynamically in the raising of the children.

The sin does not exist, only exists what goes against the Law of the Life, the prejudices, the contempt towards a social class are clearly acts against the Law of the Life. The good, however, is everything what it favors the continuity of the Law of the Life.

And in any case I believe that to maintain to sex like taboo is to ignore to them that by lack of formation and information they are target of abuses, maltreats and submissions by the adults, yes, I talk about the children, I do not know as it would be the ideal age so that the children receive this education, perhaps from the 10 or 12 years, the specialists in education must think on the matter.

(1)News in the BBC: Oslo gay animal show draws crowds
(2)Kapaxian Society:
Reference to a society in which the children are bred by several adults, where the parent ancestors play a secondary role. The term comes from the film "K-Pax" with a performance of Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges.
[*] Lyrics of “Supreme” of Robbie Williams

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