martes, 5 de junio de 2007


Só a verdade me liberta. Chega de maldade e ilusão.
Venha, o amor tem sempre a porta aberta. E vem
chegando a primavera. Nosso futuro recomeça.
Venha, que o que vem é perfeição...[*]


Is the Law that prevails to the Universe, is the same intention of the Universe, therefore it is a Universal Law;
is the "Universal Law of the Life"

Our observations in the Earth have shown to us that the Life exists where the conditions exist so that this one develops, when the conditions for this even happen are extreme, like the animals that live in the depths of the ocean, where does not arrive the solar light, or in the submarine volcano environs where the temperatures can be considered extreme for the habitat where we have evolved.

The Life has to be developed in each corner of the Universe even though the conditions are the minimum imagined. That not yet we have found concrete evidence of it is only time question. The conquest and exploration of the space still are in an almost primitive stage.

On the other hand, if civilizations more advanced have tried to communicate or they have even visited to us in the past as many suspect that therefore it was it, as we are governed by DINOSAURIANS that consider that the evidence of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life can represent a potential danger for the religions fashionable never will authorize that this is revealed to the World.

They never will allow that knowledge of greatest magnitude, a knowledge that will allow us to expand our mind to unsuspected horizons can be of public dominion. They consider that we are not prepared to assimilate this knowledge. This is offensive, is just like to say that the Humanity is a mediocrity sea and prefer to hide something so fascinating to maintain the interests of the dominant religions. Sooner or later the Truth will be known, which they do is to cover the light of the Sun with a finger.

Pepé Rodríguez said in their book "The Fundamental Lies of the Catholic Church; "the Truth will do to us frees, the lie believers"

I wanted to modify that phrase by: "the Truth will do to us frees, the lie, slaves; retrogrades...

The Life is an universal natural event, the Life will be developed inevitably in each corner of this Universe and other Universes, if they existed...

Creative Intelligence is the highest level of evolution that can arrive a race, the understanding of the Law of the Life also is something that each intelligent race will have to discover through the processes of the knowledge and the understanding of the Universal Laws.

If one existed or more intelligent extraterrestrial races technologically more advanced than we, must suppose that these already they have discovered to the Universal Truth and therefore they must have learned to respect all form life, in special to the forms of intelligent lives without mattering in which evolution degree are, without they matter that so delayed culturally, scientifically and technologically we are.

The Law of the Life is a Universal Truth, for that reason all intelligent race will have to discover it opportunely, without this will not be possible that any race survives, will not be possible that any race that is denominated intelligent can continue with the Miracle of the Life, with the same intention of the Universe; "To create more Life"

[*] Lyrics of “Perfeição” [Perfection] of Legião Urbana (Brazil)

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