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And whatever will be - Will be
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"Natural Selection, Evolution, and... ?"

Many biologists for a long time have suggested Darwin had not finished their studies, several books were written publishing several notes of the observations and studies that continued making our illustrious scientist.

What secrets will have taken Darwin to their tomb? What more could say to us, that had discovered more? While some scientists suspected it, other naturalists without vacillating affirmed it: the Theory of the Natural Selection and the Evolution were incomplete...

To give an example, the Theory of the Natural Selection praises that only most apt, strongest, the best ones adapted survive. However, we apply to that to the Humanity, as a species of "Social Darwinism" and will see that simply that seems to us cruel and not even Darwin considers that like correct. Let us read next an extracted text of Wikipedia.

Social Darwinism (1)

The ideas of Thomas Malthus and Herbert Spencer which applied ideas of evolution and "survival of the fittest" to societies, nations and businesses became popular in the late 19th and early 20th century, and were used to defend various, sometimes contradictory, ideological perspectives including laissez-faire economics, colonialism, racism and imperialism. The term "Social Darwinism" originated around the 1890s, but became popular as a derogatory term in the 1940s with Richard Hofstadter's critique of laissez-faire conservatism. The concepts predate Darwin's publication of the Origin in 1859: Malthus died in 1834 and Spencer published his books on economics in 1851 and on evolution in 1855. Darwin himself insisted that social policy should not simply be guided by concepts of struggle and selection in nature, and that sympathy should be extended to all races and nations.

Since we have seen, simply this theory cannot be applied to the human society, we judged all that like cruel, and considered like criminals to whom they despise to a class or race and are considered like superior. All we know those crimes against the humanity and to the men who committed them.

Another example is the happened cases of eugenic(2) sterilization between 1907 and 1963, when 64,000 people were sterilized unavoidably under the eugenic laws of the USA. Through surgical procedures to which they were considered abnormal (delayed mental, incapacitated, etc.) or to that they did not reach certain intellectual coefficient were made incapacitations to him so that they could not procreate, was to preserve "the best genes" and to reject to less the most evolved.

Now, we know that the intelligence cannot be measured of a direct form, the majority we have the same average in amount of neurons, the only difference is the one who uses them and those that does not use them, the value of a human life is inestimable and the potential to create more Life is it still more.

Has been demonstrated then that the Theory of the Natural Selection and the Evolution could not be applied to the Homulier(3) and the human societies, exists a superior level, higher, something more, something than Darwin was possibly looking for...

And is today when everything is revealed, all the suspected until now. The Law of the Life defines and complements the studies of Darwin...

The intention of the Law of the Life is to Create more Life, this Universal Truth estimates the existence of the Life like something natural, [for the eclectic ones; divine] nevertheless to continue with the Creation it only can be work of intelligent beings, beings who are able to assimilate the magnitude of this miracle and to preserve the life of all the living beings.

The Homulier(3) cannot live without you environment, we are the product of that wonderful union [divine and extraordinary] to that we called Nature, even so we are able to adapt it to our necessities, as long as this does not mean its destruction.

Our intelligence was the strategy more ingenious than it found the Nature to preserve the Miracle of the Life. If we acted against the Law of the Life we will be acting against the same Life and will be condemning us to our own extinction, nevertheless, when acting to favor, we will be deserving to call Intelligent Beings to us...

Deciphering all this we have a satisfactory conclusion...

"Natural Selection, Evolution and Creative Intelligence"

"LEX VITAE est LEX NATURAE" this phrase means that the Law of the Life is based on the Nature, and is therefore is a Natural Law.

(1)Source: Charles Darwin in Wikipedia
(2)Source: Eugenics in Wikipedia
(3)Homulier: Term to designate to the Man, to the union of the man more the woman. Before the necessity to always talk about to the Man like that union, and having the marginal and incomplete aspect of that term, I have created this new expression uniting the Latin roots of the terms: Homine = Man, and Muliere = Woman.
[*] Lyrics of “Innuendo” of Queen

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