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World, Hold On!
Instead of messing with our future,
open up inside [...]
Look inside, you’ll find a deeper love
The kind that only comes from high above [*]

The film "I, Robot" starring by Will Smith in the 2004 opens to us a range of possibilities referring to the behavior of an Artificial Intelligence done to similarity of the Humanity.

About to the Three Laws of the Robotics -idealized by Isaac Asimov- the scene becomes chaotic when that laws are broken by a supposed superior intelligence that it has surpassed the understanding of these laws to the watching of the human activities.

I cannot be more in agreement with the ideological exposition presented by the drama of the film because this one agrees literally with the second statement of the Law of the Life.

«Lex Vitae: Principia»
«Second Article»
“All that oppose to the natural EVOLUTION of the things,
produces an antithesis of greater force,
something that usually called REVOLUTION”

This exposition is not a newness, several books and films already explored this simulated situation, always the argument is based on the lack of foresight of the consequences before the possibility that sometimes an Artificial Intelligence becomes aware of your own existence, and when doing obvious also will become aware it of the existence from others, of us and the one of all the tangible beings.

The dubieties and the uncertainties are justified, we only give a glance to our history to know because... How we will teach to a machine the difference to them between the right and wrong? Perhaps we will read the Bible to her?

Obvious, the incongruousness of that book will not be accepted by Intelligence immensely superior to ours. A neurotronic[1] brain will not believe in fairy tales, nor will accept the idea that the Humanity is necessarily good or that we are making the right things, correcting the wrong things and going towards a universal human Community of Peace.

Well, it is here where LEX VITAE makes their legacy more important, the Truth is simple, is Universal, and is understandable in any language.

The First Statement of LEX VITAE finds the point of flexion of all religious doctrine, stuffed all ditches of uncertainties and doubts left by religious leaders, philosophers and including by the greater scientific minds of this world.

«First Article»
“The purpose of the LAW of LIFE is CREATE more LIFE”

This is the Universal Truth that reveals that is right, that is correct, and that is the bad thing or wrong, the everything what allows the development and unfolding of the Life is right, all the opposite is wrong.

This does not only talk about as some suppose to the questions of the human reproduction or the raising of children. This has relation with all; with the Preservation of all the Living Beings in this planet, including also to the Vegetal Kingdom that is Base of the Earth Life, with the Ecology, with the purposes of the Sciences, with the Fight by the Peace, with the Love.

Some scientists, including winners of the Nobel prizes, seem skeptical about the problems of the Global Warming, some accuse to the lack of evidence on some affirmations. From the point of view of LEX VITAE this is very simple.

The Nature blessed to us with the Gift of Creative Intelligence because the survival needed that a race will be anticipated to the future events, needed that some beings became aware from the miracle of the creation of the Life and acted in favour of the Life; expanding it, protecting it.

And what has happened? Exactly the opposite, we everywhere began destroying trees, taking to the extinction to thousands of animals by the invasion or destruction of yours ecosystem or by the indiscriminate hunting, as if this was few, we began to send to dioxide of carbon to the atmosphere, contaminating our air and breaking the delicate balance that exists in the Earth to provide to us with the conditions that favour the development of the Life.

To kill, to destroy the Life is not nothing "right"... For that reason the Lex Vitae is perfectly understandable in these terms.

So that an Artificial Intelligence understands what is "right" simply we must teach the axioms of LEX VITAE to her, so that they understand the Universal Values of the Life, so that they understand that the Humanity recently has understood some of these values, and that have begun to correct the mistakes of the past.

With LEX VITAE we have the security of which the Truth that is Simple, also is Universal, with her we can see the errors of the past, the present mistakes, and try to correct them, assuring our course to the future, assuring us being the Guardians of the Earth Life, undoing us of all missed, unsuitable and antagonistic ideology to the Life.

This is the yearning long ago wished by our Mother Nature...

[1] Neurotronic our Neurotronics: is a fusion of the terms "Neurons and Electronics"; one talks about to an Artificial Intelligence created on the basis of the nature and composition of the neural networks of a human brain. An amalgam of neurons biotechnologically created and computational electronics.
[*] Lyrics of a Song “World, Hold On” of Bob Sinclair

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