sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2007


Can't fight the future
Can't fight what I see[...]
People they come together
People they fall apart
No one can stop us now
'Cause we are all made of stars...[*]


The world is chaotic, apparently lost; without course, everything questionable and is questioned; everything is paradoxically incompatible and confused. The skepticism grows as much as the religiosity, but neither can't find the true meaning for the things.

So many men and women who sent themselves in the epic odyssey to find the Truth of all the Truths, many failed; they formulated the incorrect questions and they tried to find them in where they were not, and some found some pieces of a gigantic puzzle. Others tried to justify their truths by means of the religion, others by the sciences, in that process created incompatible worlds with transmutable worths.

The Nature evolves, the Homulier(1) evolves, but this evolution occurs in the field of the thought; the human mind [by centuries, immobilized] search a way to undo of the chains that prevent their ascent; their progression.

Centuries, millenaries, as much time has been spent resisting this natural evolution, and the result, could not be another one; "A Revolution of the Thought, understanding and preserving the Universal Worths of the Life and the rejection to all type of dogmatism"

Evidently everything is clearly; so many committed errors, ideologies in conflict, the sword against the pen, the past versus the future, the technology against the Nature; it is obvious that the Humanity never has found the balance point, are few those that have the merit of success or trying it.

Everything converges to an epicenter; the world always followed a tendency, era after era, our history is impregnated with that indecipherable intention, that has guided to us blindly through the time, but now we know the equilibrium in the balance; the central point of convergence of all the well-known and the stranger, looked for by so many therefore the time; the intention of the Universe, the Universal Law of the Life...

Which are the civilizations more advanced of the planet?

They are those that have begun and continued with the exploration of the deep space, are the unique ones that has a small almost very small opportunity to extend our survival to the borders of the Universe, but for that first we must put order in our house, our home; the Earth.

We must fix the errors that we have committed, to preserve the Life and to anticipate us to the future events; to control the consequences of the Global Warming, to stop the Extinction of Species and the Destruction of our Nature, to face threats of the Deep Space.

And them with luck to begin with the conquest of the Deep Space, continuing with the intention that the same Universe has entrusted to us, the intention of the Universal Law of the Life; "To create more Life"


(1)Homulier: Term to designate to the Man, to the union of the man more the woman. Before the necessity to always talk about to the Man like that union, and having the marginal and incomplete aspect of that term, I have created this new expression uniting the Latin roots of the terms: Homine = Man, and Muliere = Woman.
[*] Lyrics of “We Are All Made of Stars” of Moby

Thank you to Guy Licoppe, by the correct translation of: Our Future is in Stars = Futurum Nostrum est in Stellis

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